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Making Technology The Driving Force Behind Performance!

Performance is the only way to win the race today. N&D helps enhance performance by streamlining your operations through automating them and improving performance in leaps and bounds. Savings in cost, time and resources are guaranteed.

N&D offers the entire spectrum of technology services. IT services consist of Web Solutions, Application Development, Enterprise Application Services, Enterprise Application Integration, eLearning Services, eCommerce Services, BPM, CRM, Database Services Package Implementation, PLM, Testing Services, Global Consulting Services.  The IT Enabled Services consist of Finance & Accounting Solutions, HR Processing Services, Procurement Solutions, Customer Services, Technical Support Services, IT Help Desk Services, Risk Management.

Each project is managed professionally by Team Managers who strategize and plan efficiently to deliver excellent value to clients. The trained resources who implement the projects are experts in .NET, ASP, Visual Basic, Visual C++, Visual C#, Java, SQL Server and Microsoft Reporting Tools besides web specific languages like HTML. N&D also has a strong rein over front-end design, database-design, distributed objects, APIs, and middleware.

Resources are at the forefront of technology as their skills are regularly upgraded through intensive training programs. The result is projects that are truly world class. 

IT Services :: Web Solutions : Master The Web

The web is the biggest medium of today with users growing everyday. N&D helps you put your best face forward on the net. Adept at handling the intricacies of this wonderful medium, they offer everything from website development, website redesign, ecommerce solutions, application development, ecommerce database programming, custom graphic design and online shopping cart solutions.

N&D offers services that begin from the design of  your company logo, theme of your website besides its  information flow and execution and full-fledged e-commerce projects. N&D’s experienced and creative professionals use the latest web development technologies and tools to consistently deliver solutions tuned to the personality, needs, and vision of clients. 

IT Services :: Application Development & Maintenance : Application Development That Looks Beyond Technical Expertise

Application development for today’s businesses involves more than mere technical expertise, factors like collaboration, resources, accountability are also important. N&D can handle any kind of application development and adapt to the changing demands of new architecture.

N&D builds agile, robust applications that are secure and driven by customer needs. Besides, a continued relationship is maintained with the clients by providing the necessary services maintenance

IT Services :: Enterprise Application Services : Managing Enterprises By Building Business Value

Pressure from competition is necessitating delivering more value to customers at lower prices. This is possible only if processes and resources are managed at optimum levels through Enterprise Application Services.

N&D offers Enterprise Application Services that include designing, building, deploying and managing applications across enterprises. The solutions can be customized to suit any industry ranging from manufacturing to financial industries.

N&D offers the entire portfolio of Enterprise Application Services to accelerate ROI and growth in the changing markets.

IT Services :: Enterprise Application Integration : Enterprise Application Integration To Extract Competitive Advantage

Enterprise Application Integration is a complex process that involves integration of internal, home grown applications and legacy systems with various external business processes and systems. This links all the applications to extract financial and operational competitive advantage.

N&D has the expertise to carry out Enterprise Application Integration with ease. The advantages this offers are a lower TCO (Total Cost of Ownership), optimizing investments on existing systems, increasing supply chain visibility as well as business and information process visibility.

IT Services :: eLearning Services : Knowledge Transfer Made Easy!

The buzzword in the world of education today is e-learning. With the web facilitating training online, knowledge transfer has become easier across the globe. The greatest advantage is that it overcomes the disadvantages of geographical location and students from anywhere with an internet connection can train under faculty from anywhere else. It has also evolved into a billion dollar business.

N&D has expertise in developing e-learning solutions that are user-friendly, innovative and exciting. Solutions ranging from multimedia CD roms, to WBTs(Web Based Tutorials) and CBTs (Computer Based Tutorials) are developed. This makes learning an enriching and enjoyable experience for students.

N&D also offers expert e-learning consulting services that include developing strategy plans, project plans or in the technical expertise. Huge information management projects like giant portals that can store volumes of data are also built.N&D can bring the right expertise to you through these e-learning solutions.

IT Services :: eCommerce Services : Secure & Robust eCommerce Services

eCommerce Services are one of the fastest growing on the net. With online shopping and business becoming more common, the need for such solutions is mushrooming.

N&D designs eCommerce projects that are robust, secure and highly user-friendly. From developing eCommerce sites, online stores to online auction sites, the latest tools and techniques are brought together to enable transactions.

N&D’s turnkey services include everything from designing eCommerce projects to execution and integration.

IT Services :: Business Process Management (BPM) : Business Process Management To Enhance Productivity

Business Process Management helps companies improve their processes. This in turn helps them achieve their process performance goals and enhance productivity.

N&D develops BPM systems that automate processes making the whole business, process-driven. N&D empowers companies by providing them the facility to manage or remodel processes at short notice. This flexibility and speed goes a long way in making them agile and competitive.

The experts at N&D have mastered the art of bringing together the various disciplines needed and making them flow together smoothly. This allows clients to increase their levels of operational excellence consistently.

IT Services :: Customer Relationship Management : Harnessing The Power Of IT For CRM

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) has become critical to businesses in these competitive times. CRM allows businesses create and maintain relationships with their clients by harnessing the power of IT.

Every CRM system comes with three major components , the Operational where the basic business functions like sales, marketing and service are automated; Analytical- where customer data and behavior is analyzed and Collaborative- communicating with clients.

N&D builds robust world class CRM systems that are customer centric. The team works in close co-ordination with clients throughout the life cycle of the project to develop a system that will perfectly meet client requirements and business objectives.

IT Services :: Database Services : Accurate Data To Enhance Decision Making

The availability of accurate data at the right time is a critical issue for every business especially since the data is needed when it comes to taking crucial business decisions. However, managing the huge volumes of data that each business has is a mammoth task.

N&D offers expert Database Services that can handle projects of any size. Some of the services include Database Design, Performance Tuning, Capacity Planning, DBA Training, Backup Strategies, Migration, Support and so on. These services are aligned to client goals and are designed for high quality performance.

The secure management and strategy enhances database productivity allowing clients to make the most of their database.

IT Services :: Package Implementation : End-to-End Package Implementation

Package Implementation is no easy task. N&D’s team offers end-to-end Package Implementation Solutions to meet the needs of their wide spectrum of clients.

Package Implementation Services offered span from CRM, ERP and others.  This helps businesses get the best ROI by reengineering their process systems. The specialists work with clients to identify, evaluate, select and implement the right package that offers maximum benefits.

IT Services :: Product Life Cycle Management (PLM) : Building Value Through PLM

Product Life Cycle Management is a specialized area, which manages the entire process of a product’s development beginning from developing the concept, design, manufacture, service to delivery.

PLM helps reduce the time taken to develop a product and improve its quality. It integrates the work flow and brings in a lot of saving. N&D offers PLM solutions to match the needs of today’s customers. Besides technical skills, N&D’s team has the domain expertise and vision necessary for projects of this scale.

N&D helps to successfully transform your concepts into concrete reality using innovative tools.

IT Services :: Global Consulting Services : Global Consulting For Better Business!

N&D offers global consulting services in the areas of IT Strategy and e-governance. The experts have had global experience in these areas and can bring these learnings to your project.

IT Strategy has to be custom developed to meet the business objectives of each organization. A one-size-fits all approach will not do in today’s competitive environment. N&D puts together a well-researched and customized strategy that will impact performance and efficiency in a positive way. This consists of areas like feasibility studies, process re-engineering studies, project implementation, validation and verification, technical support, change management and customer relationship management.

e-governance: If the advantages of IT have to trickle down to the benefits to the common man . These projects are usually huge and need robust systems that can stand the test of everyday functionality. N&D experts deliver these solutions in the most cost-effective and consistent manner.

IT Enabled Services :: Finance & Accounting Solutions : Cost-effective Finance & Accounting Solutions

Finance and accounting is a necessity for every kind of organization. N&D offers innovative Finance and Accounting Solutions that are cost-effective, improve operational efficiencies and accuracy.

The advantages of opting for these are many. The web-enabled applications make access and operation from anywhere easy so the client is not limited by geography. Transaction processing costs less and it provides an enhanced customer and vendor experience as they get easy access.The solutions are flexible and can be customized with various options to suit individual needs.

IT Enabled Services :: HR Processing Services : Smart HR Management Solutions

N&D offers HR management solutions that work smart by executing human capital management strategies that leverage technology and your existing infrastructure. They have domain and technology experts in the HR industry who help develop flexible and robust systems.

The HR systems can efficiently control and manage Payroll and Tax Filing, Human Resources and Compliance, Benefits Administration, Workers' Salaries, Risk Management and so on. They help save on administrative costs and help in speedier resolving of issues.

They also offer HR administration outsourcing services to cater to different kinds of organizations. These services are in line with your organizational goals and are executed cost-effectively. Regular progress reports, updates and efficient management make this ideal to take the burden off you.

They also specialize in developing HR reports both readymade and customized based on the specifications of each organization. This helps identify strengths and weaknesses to help leverage the best benefits for your organization. They also conduct seminars, symposiums and so on.  The entire range of HR solutions under one roof!.

IT Enabled Services :: Procurement Solutions : Industry Specific Procurement Solutions

Procurement Solutions help every company to manage their supply chains and supplier chain relationships efficiently and keep them functioning to the desired levels.

N&D’s Procurement Solutions help control costs and maximize performance. An array of tools, technologies and well-integrated processes to manage the procurement process are offered.. These solutions are developed as industry specific processes.

IT Enabled Services :: Customer Services : Customer Services as A Competitive Advantage

The roots of customer service lies in understanding what the customer wants and delivering customer expectations. In today’s competitive world, it has emerged as a competitive advantage.

N&D can design sturdy online customer service systems for any kind of industry. These can include services like information, helplines, support, search and so on. N&D also has the capacity to build live chat support rooms manned by customer service personnel. A customized solution to meet every client’s need and meet customer expectations is the N&D promise.