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The Branding Rules Have Changed

The consumer is not the same anymore. Today’s consumer is well informed and discerning. Gaining the attention of consumers and building brands amidst the blitzkrieg of advertising that they are bombarded with is a big challenge indeed. N&D uses the integrated communication technology to create vibrant creatives based on consumer insights.

The result is powerful and impactful communication that meets the branding objectives of clients. Building brands with a passion that can’t be beaten.

Identities :: ​ Print ::  Press ::  Television ::  Film ::  Video ::  Radio ::  Outdoor Advertising ::  Packaging ::  Merchandising ::  Media

Identities :: Give Them The Right Picture!

Give your clients the right picture about your company; impress them with your identity. N&D custom designs identities based on the vision of your company and target group/markets. From consumer brands to corporate brands, their portfolio includes them all. Building exceptional brand value, brand recall value and enhancing brand promotion.  Services include:

  • Designing and Creating Corporate Logos, Brand Logos and Scheme Logos.
  • Creating Corporate Stationery viz., letterhead, visiting cards, envelopes and folders etc.

Print :: Roar In Print!

Print can carry your ideas to your target in an energetic and powerful way. N&D marries visual and copy in an innovative way that literally lets you roar in print! Getting your message across strong and clear. N&D also helps you take advantage of their innovative new technologies in print.

N&D designs:

  • Product and Corporate Brochures
  • Leaflets and Handbills
  • Product Catalogs
  • POP – Posters, POP - Danglers
  • Tickets, Coupons, Labels
  • Annual Reports, Prospectus
  • Theme Calendars, Tabletop Calendars and Wall Calendars
  • Menu cards and Tent cards
  • Booklets and Folders

Press :: Great Ideas Captured In Print Campaigns!

Print ads are an integral part of every 360 Degree communication campaign. N&D brings together strong ideas and a mélange of meaningful visuals to create an impact that will not be easily forgotten.

Print has a long shelf life as it offers better registration in the consumer’s mind which makes it a popular choice with marketers.

Services include:

  • Creating Standalone Print ads or Print Campaigns
  • Feedback Analysis
  • Response Analysis
  • Creating Launch Ads, Recruitment Ads, Financial Ads etc.
  • Conceptualizing and creating Scheme Ads and Contest Ads.

Television :: Getting Into Living Rooms!

The greatest advantage of the television is that it takes ad messages right into the living rooms. It has such a powerful reach that even the remote villages in the country boast of TV sets.

Consumers today are being bombarded with a variety of advertising from all corners making it difficult to register your message. This apart today’s consumer is an informed consumer who demands a rationale before buying products. Besides, the finely demarcated lines between urban, rural and semi-urban audiences are diminishing. This entails an entire new creative rethink.

N&D’s creative professionals have a practical and creative approach that appeals to the changing consumer. The creative team blends together beautiful visuals, music scores and dialogues brought together with a creative script.N&D takes up the entire project right from creating the storyboard, producing the commercial including all aspects of production like Art Direction, Music Direction and Post-production to a completely finished commercial.  2D and 3D TV Commercials and a combination of both are also well handled.

Film :: Make Your Brands a Big Star!

The larger-than-life presence of the film screen is unbeatable in terms of making an impact. A catchy jingle or an ad that touches some part of the consumer is what will make your product successful.

N&D makes ad films that turn Brands into big stars. Each film is a visual treat and an infotainment capsule with the branding message. These films are made for a minimum duration of one minute but longer or shorter versions of these can be made too.The N&D team has the necessary infrastructure geared for every aspect of production – right from the concept, storyboard, production, post-production to the final ad film.

Video :: A Personal Brand Experience

Video brings your clients a personalized experience of your Brands. Unlike a mass media beamed message, this offers the client, the choice of watching your message at their convenience, making them more receptive.

N&D has expertise in developing videos like Company Profile Videos, Corporate Films, Business and Product Presentations, Medical Videos, Training Demos, Education Films, Social Awareness Films etc.A well-crafted video package with a strong script woven with your message and picturised beautifully makes it a winner with every viewer!

Radio :: Getting Onto The Radio Wave!

The radio wave has started with a spurt of new FM channels. Trendy RJs and slick program packaging have made this a hot medium.

The biggest advantage of the radio is the captive audience. Radio can work in tandem with every ad campaign, emphasizing the message. It also comes as a boon for small and medium sized businesses to regional retailers because of its large reach, geo specific and low cost slots.N&D has a team who are technically brilliant and creative too. The use of professional voices and thrilling sound effects makes each radio spot a winner.

Outdoor Advertising

Outdoor Advertising is getting more creative – using three-D installations, stylish imported material with greater clarity and experimenting with new materials has become the trend.

Life-size cutouts, moving displays, light effects, theme based displays and so on have become popular. N&D helps you attract your target in just a few seconds and then displaying your brand message.

Services include:

  • Creating Hoarding Designs, Bus Back-panel Designs and Truck Back Designs etc.
  • Conceptualizing and creating Window Display Designs and Product Display Systems.
  • Bus Shelter Promotions and Railway Promotions.
  • Value added Outdoor Promotions.
  • Designing and producing Banners etc.
  • POP - Dispensers.

Packaging :: Packaging With a Punch!

Getting your Brand noticed on shop racks where they vie with hundreds of other products for attention is a challenge indeed. Attractive packaging can influence the customer’s decision in your favour making it an important part of your marketing strategy.

N&D offers innovative packaging using the latest printing technology and materials to make your product the star of the shop rack.

N&D offers :

  • Packaging Idea/Innovation
  • Packaging Designs – All formats
  • Label Designs, Sleeve Designs
  • Pouch Designs – All formats
  • Container and Bottle Designs
  • CD and CD Cover Designs 

Merchandising :: Merchandising To Build Brands That Last!

Merchandising is one of the best ways to build a brand that’s loved and recognized. Merchandise can be anything as simple as a T-shirt or mug with your brand message printed on it. The quickest way to make your branding message a part of your target’s home is to give away merchandise with your brand logo or message on them or build promotions around them.

N&D helps you design innovative merchandising imprinting your brand logo and message on articles like pens, T-shirts, coasters and so on. This gives your product brand recall and helps building brand loyalty. Some of the ideas are:

  • Design Concepts for T-Shirts and Caps
  • Key Chains and Gift Articles
  • Tattoos, Stickers and Holograms etc.
  • Toys and Umbrellas 

Media :: Scientific and Integrated Strategy for Media

N&D is an INS accredited advertising agency with its corporate office at Chennai and branches across India. It has been releasing highly successful ad campaigns across different media channels and these enjoy a tremendous response.

Media planning has undergone a sea change with the explosion in TV channels, radio stations and publications. Making the most creative or appealing ad will not fetch the expected results if the media planning is not right.

N&D’s media experts track the happenings in the media world and the reach regularly. Based on this media tracking, a unique media strategy and media plan is evolved trying to optimize the budget.

An ad campaign could include a single medium like Print or use any kind of a combination of Print, Radio, TV, Outdoor Media, and Internet.

Services Include:

  • Media Planning and Media Strategy for all media.
  • Media Buying - we buy space in print and airtime on Radio and TV.
  • Organizing Joint Promotions with Publications and Channels.
  • Conceiving Promotional Concepts and Contests for Brands with Publications and Channels