Services :: Events

Events Help You Connect To Your Target

Events are a wonderful way to promote your brand. N&D make you connect with your target and build a warm, personal relationship. Besides getting feedback on your brands right from the horse’s mouth, events also make them feel closer to your brand.

Events can range from Product Launches, Stage Shows to Road Shows. The advantages of hosting an event are many. The greatest advantage is that events get talked and written about. Besides, they build better relationships, facilitate networking, educate and entertain the target.N&D has a strong event management team who to can create any kind of event to promote your brand powerfully.

Product Launches :: Building A Buzz Around Your Product

A creative product launch is like a good movie release, it builds up excitement about your product and gives you great media coverage. N&D specialises in building up the buzz and unveiling your product in a dramatic manner that captures the audience’s interest.

A launch can be as simple or as glitzy as you want. Press meets, stage shows, launch parties, celebrity studded  affairs, you name it, N&D has the expertise to give your brand the launch it deserves.The launch is a carefully planned event that is designed to scintillate with audio and lighting effects and stunning sets. The look of delight when the product is unveiled after a good prelude is one to watch out for.

Corporate Hospitality :: Bringing In The Warmth Of Hospitality

Corporate events like seminars, symposiums, conferences are a wonderful opportunity to build a positive image amongst investors and delegates especially those from overseas. N&D is geared to offer corporate hospitality services that make your guests feel at home and keep them in a positive frame of mind.

The warmth of Indian hospitality is legendary and N&D brings this aspect to the fore. From arranging accommodation, transport, cultural tours, shopping and anything else that your clients may need, they do it all for you.

​N&D’s turnkey corporate hospitality services can take a load off you and set you free to focus on other areas.

Road Shows :: Road Shows To Stir Up Excitement

Road shows stir up excitement as they pass by. Since they are a change from the routine humdrum of everyone’s life, they attract a lot of attention.

Lovely floats, well lit product displays, film shows and much more that showcase your brand message lend themselves to road shows. Rural markets are especially receptive to this method of promotion and this is an ideal way to reach those markets.

​N&D has expertise in conceptualising and developing road shows to meet your communication objectives creatively.

​Stage Shows :: Winning Consumers With Song & Dance

Stage shows are an entertaining way to win an audience and get your message across. Woven with the thread of music, dance and theatre, the message gets impressively registered in the target’s minds.

N&D organises stage extravaganzas that fuse together brilliant lighting and sound effects with entertainment elements. Beauty contests, music shows, supper theatre, quiz contests, dance shows, theatre performances, musicals and much more can be created on demand.

​Trust N&D to create magic onstage.

Award Programs :: Awards To Inspire & Build Brand Image

Award programs honour achievers and give out strong signals that your organization is an inspiration to the community at large. These programs give you the opportunity for strong branding as you can use your brand name in the award’s title. Your brand name gets highlighted in the media coverage ensuring a lot of free publicity.

​N&D creates programs that run smoothly like clockwork, honouring achievers and providing entertainment in between categories of awards. The entire onus of running the Awards show will be on the N&D team who are adept at this.

In-house Entertainment :: Bringing The Fun In-House

When you want to celebrate something in-house, make a song and dance about it. A promotion party, a new client, guests from overseas, a birthday – N&D can create a fun-filled event.

In-house entertainment brings your employees together and promotes camaraderie that builds better teams. It also helps motivate employees to perform better and brings down the attrition rate.

​N&D makes the event as simple or as big as you want it to be, whether it’s a small get-together or a grand party with celebrity performers. Trust N&D to bring you a good time filled with happy memories.