Rural Markets Have Changed!

The growth in the Indian economy has also led to the tides of prosperity making their way felt even in remote villages in the country. The purchasing power of rural communities has multiplied manifold and its time that this huge potential is tapped.

Rural areas today have evolved into a huge and growing market which is consuming a large quantity of FMCG and consumer products. The marketing strategy for rural markets is different from urban markets as their culture and belief system plays a big role in their lives.

Developing a campaign for rural markets takes specialists who can get into the skin of rural markets. N&D has the expertise of having promoted about 35 rural brands under its belt and is raring for more. They offer a wide range of services ranging from rural market research, branding, and product development to marketing.

N&D can help you achieve success in rural markets through a planned strategy and effort.

Rural Product Development :: Rural Product Development Needs a Different Approach

Rural markets have changed with the growth in the Indian economy, however they are very different from urban markets. Developing products for the rural market can be quite a different experience.

Rural product development has to be built on a sound foundation of research like feasibility studies, rural aspiration, rural profiling and so on. N&D has the know-how to conduct extensive market research in rural areas and generating comprehensive analysis reports, conducting product sampling programs, test marketing products and so on. Besides these services they perform post-launch research and analysis.

Rural Branding :: Rural Branding is Distinctly Different From Urban Marketing

In rural India, the branding rules are distinctly different from urban markets. Not only does the cultural landscape differ, the factors that influence purchasing decisions differ too. Price and value for money are high on their list.

Rural branding calls for a greater component of local media and less of the mass media. Since these markets have specialized forums of their own like like temple festivals, melas, cinema halls, these can be leveraged to promote brands. Direct Marketing and events like road shows, film shows, melas, street theatre can also be used to promote brands.

Since the literacy rhate is not so high, branding activities move more towards symbols, visuals and audio and video campaigns. N&D’s expertise in this area can take your brand new heights.

Rural Market Research :: Rural Markets Depend on Belief Systems

The contours of the rural marketing environment are totally different from urban markets. Rural consumer behavior is deeply tied to their culture and belief system and a clear insight into it is needed if marketers want to be successful.

N&D has the unique expertise of having promoted about 35 rural brands successfully and draws from this experience to provide valuable learnings. They can handle everything from assessing the rural marketing potential to segregating rural markets.

​N&D has a strong field team who collects data and collates it. This is analysed by market research experts and the findings are generated via a comprehensive report. This helps you build your marketing strategy on a sound foundation.

Rural Communication Campaigns :: Communicate Effectively With Rural India

Rural India has a mindset and culture of its own. Using the same creative campaigns as the urban sectors may not work as well, though the lines are slowly getting blurred.

N&D develops specialized communication campaigns targeted at the rural market. The approach towards rural markets needs to be more personalized. The mass media apart, rural communities have their own forums where the branding message can be introduced. Temple festivals, melas, film shows and other events where the villagers come together are ideal for promotional campaigns.

​N&D also uses rural art forms like folk music, dance and art can be used to effectively convey the branding message through a medium they are familiar with. This makes them more receptive to the message. Campaigns with a strong regional flavour that make them an instant hit.

Rural Events

In the rural context, one of the best ways to capture the attention of the audience is through events. Since rural areas have limited venues for entertainment, conducting an event in rural areas can bring a good response.

A well-planned event can get your product the mileage that you want. Some of the interesting events that can be conducted are Road Shows, Melas, Street Theatre, Film Shows and so on. These make a visually strong impact and build long term brand recall.

We offer you a turnkey solution when it comes to rural events. We have an event management team who cab handle everything from conceptualising to conducting the entire event successfully. We can custom-design events to specifically suit your brand image and promote it within your budget.

Rural DM Compaigns :: Let Your Brand Connect With Prospects Personally

Rural direct marketing lets your brand connect personally with consumers. This is an ideal way to win customers and understand their real needs and aspirations and project your product in a way that appeals to them. This calls for a sensitivity to their culture and systems.

With the expertise of having successfully promoted about 35 rural brands, N&D can add value to rural direct marketing campaigns and help you succeed. They can handle activities ranging from door-to-door sampling, marketing and product promotion. These will be carried out innovatively at places like local cinema halls, melas and festivals.

Database Creation & Management :: Creating a Database For Rural Marketing Success!

Every communication or marketing activity in rural markets, like any other must be focused on a set of prospects. This calls for a database of prospects that must be sourced.

N&D has been building a huge database of prospects that can be accessed for any marketing or promotional activity. Besides this, it has a network of research teams working across various regions in the country. They can conduct research and collate data on prospects in any region that you specify at the Village Level and Town Level. It also has implemented technology systems to manage the volume of data and enable accessibility at a few clicks of the mouse.

This enable you to build a sound and well-targeted strategy that will lead to success