Market Research 

An Integrated Bouquet Of Market Research Services

Market research in today’s booming economy is completely different from even what it was a few years ago. The explosion of media channels and changes in consumption patterns have made market research inevitable.

To maximize the value of your ad spend and ensure that you are not on a wild goose chase, market research is critical. N&D offers a wide range of market research services in both retail and consumer areas. It also offers research in urban, rural, semi-urban markets.

N&D’s wide network and team of market research professionals makes it possible for them to offer a large integrated bouquet of services under one roof. The experts collate data and generate reports based on client needs.N&D has generated many research reports that have been the foundation of successful communication campaigns.

Tracking Division :: Keeping Track of Changing Consumer Markets

Tracking consumer markets is a challenging proposition as consumption patterns have distinctly changed over the past few years. With a booming economy and the increase in disposable income, markets have a different landscape today.

N&D has expertise in both retail and industrial research. N&D has a strong team and a large network that enables them to source focused information on any industry ranging from Petroleum, Telecom Service Providers, Retail Supply Chain & Footfalls, Automotive Lubricants, Photo Films, Hospitality and Tourism to IT & ITES.

The tracking arm is proficient in generating general tracking reports as well as customised research. Some of the areas covered are:

  • Industry analysis and feasibility study.
  • Holistic sector specific consumer behavioral study.
  • Syndicated retail studies covering a large number of dealers and retailers, spread across the country and Industries.

N&D's consultants are experts who have distinguished themselves through unique projects.

Customized Consumer, Brand & Media Research Division :: Research to Maximise Ad Spend

The consumer today is well-informed and bombarded with an explosion of communication from all directions. Research in this area is the only way to maximize the advertising spend and get the maximum ROI. N&D offers a wide range of research services in this arena.

1. Trend Analysis
2.Brand Image and Identity Study
3. Brand Building Initiatives
4.Integrated Marketing Communication
5.Advertising Effectiveness
6.Media Strategy
​7.Buying Behavior Analysis & Consumer Attitude

Trend Analysis: This predicts consumer demand with great accuracy and helps in identifying the right kind of products and services for the market.

Brand Image and Identity Study: The perceptions about your brand in consumer's minds is the key factor that helps you launch a successful communication campaign. This service lays bare the existing perceptions, analyses them and helps you rework your strategy to remedy weak areas.

Brand Building Initiatives: Brand building for brands that last is a focused strategy that evolves over a period of time and strongly embeds itself in the consumer's psyche.

N&D offers:

  • Segmentation and Consumer Profiling Study
  • Corporate Branding
  • Brand Performance Assessment
  • Brand Audits
  • Brand Positioning
  • Brand Life Cycle Analysis
  • Brand Equity Studies
  • Consumer Behavior Studies
  • Concept & Idea Generation

Integrated Marketing Communication: Marketing communication calls for a unified strategy that will target the consumer’s mind by helping him relate to the product or service advertised.  N&D conceptualizes and executes promotional campaigns and researched studies on determining advertising effectiveness, inputs on below the line activities, designing the media strategies, choosing the media vehicles etc.

Advertising Effectiveness: Effective ad spend begins with effective research and planning the campaign based on this. N&D has expertise in leveraging ad spend through thorough research and planning.

Services include:

  • Pre launch and post launch Analysis of the Advertisement campaign.
  • Product Pre-testing with the sample target group in a test market.
  • Market research:
  • a) Exploratory research involving focus group interviews, panel interviews.
    b) Descriptive survey to understand consumer perception & product awareness.
  • Assisting Brand Building initiatives (like Brand Tracking Study, Brand Development Strategy etc).
  • Providing researched report on Market Trends & Buying preference.
  • Providing product awareness & research study in the Rural / Interior Markets.
  • Mapping of PLC & management of the same.
  • Competition and challenge analysis.
  • Analyzing the sales structure / Distribution Structure.

Media Strategy: The reach of the media vehicle selected is of prime importance when deciding on a communication campaign. N&D’s Media Research Division has a dedicated team to track media consumers. This media measurement consists of audience estimates for television, radio, and print, advertising expenditure measurement and customized media research. Some of the other services are:

1.Descriptive Research to give a detailed overview of the industry, key players and growth pattern
2.Consumer Preference Analysis (CPA).
3.Analysis of the TRP/GRP ratings.
4.Research study on how to increase cable penetration in urban & rural areas.
5.Designing the program Mix / Genre mix in accordance with the target group’s preference.
6.Strategies to improve the distribution path of the content, from creation to the viewers.
7.Budget restructuring for media buying in accordance with the communication objective.
8.Profiling the target audience and studying the TV/ radio usage pattern.
9.Analyzing the usage pattern based on time slots- usage during prime time, day time usage etc.

Buying Behavior Analysis & Consumer Attitude: N&D has a great deal of experience in analyzing consumer behavior. This is a key factor in positioning the product in the market and making it a success. The research techniques and tools help to accurately map buying behavior patterns and build powerful and focused communication campaigns.

Corporate Research Division :: Corporate Research for Better Business!

Corporate Research is a large area and this is used not just to improve business but to also help in ensuring the smooth flow of relationships inside a corporate and outside.

CRM: CRM is acknowledged as the basis for long-term client relationships and growth. N&D offers expertise in exploiting this technology for maximum benefit. This draws in customers and prospects as a channel for interactive marketing, sales automation, customer service and support.

Employee Satisfaction Survey: Satisfied employees are the most productive and valuable resources for an organization. N&D devises effective employee strategies that rely on modern research tools and techniques to leverage employee satisfaction and move them towards growth. 

Corporate Strategy Implementation: Corporate strategy cannot afford to remain static. It needs to change with the flow to remain competitive and stay ahead. N&D can streamline and modify existing strategies or develop fresh new ones to meet your business goals. This is customized to your needs and competencies, and quantifies intangible assets such as people, information, and customer relationships to achieve your business goals.

Strategic Marketing Research :: Getting The Strategy Right

Product Strategy: Products (or services) are the basic offering to the target group by the marketer. N&D makes the bridge between consumer and product through product research. Market feasibility studies and competitive advantage are some of the areas covered. Besides this, they also offer research on the modification of the existing product lines to match market trends.

Pricing Strategy: Pricing is one of the most critical components that can make or break a brand. The wrong pricing can push a brand right out of the market. The pricing and branding need to be in the same line to ensure a product’s success. N&D’s  network of research teams use a modern range of price testing techniques to cater to your specific needs and achieve goals.

Advertising & Promotions: Strategic Advertising means staying focused on the business objectives and working through the jumble of media messages and get noticed. Before any ad campaign is launched, it would be a good idea to test it with a group of the select target audience to see how it is received.

N&D not only creates advertising campaigns but also offers analysis of Advertisement campaigns (Pre & Post). Besides , they have a  range of promotions, event management concepts, road shows, sales promotion programs, customer loyalty programs and other below the line activities. All of these are built on a foundation of analytical research and trend analytics.

Positioning Strategy:The positioning of a brand will determine how it will be perceived by consumers and appeal to the target. Wrong positioning can break your brand. The brand image must correlate with the buying behavior of your target audience to achieve success. N&D’s team looks at these issues in-depth and clearly develops a product positioning strategy that will make you stand high in the market.

Alternative Marketing: Conventional methods of marketing need not be the only route to success. N&D has helped brands experiment with alternate marketing solutions and achieve success. They offer consulting solutions for web based marketing, multi-level marketing, societal marketing, rural marketing, online retailing and so on to promote your brand innovatively.

Qualitative Research :: Bringing Quality Into Every Dimension

Qualitative research is an elaborate form of research that gives in-depth insights into consumer minds. This uses relevant qualitative data, such as interviews, documents, and participant observation data. What distinguishes this from other forms of research is the keen observation to understand and explain social phenomena. This helps you understand the psychology of the target group.

​N&D is adept at qualitative research and its team collects data and provides a clear understanding of the consumer enabling better planning and reach for communication campaigns.

Business Intelligence Study :: Take Effective Business Decisions

The competitive markets of today call for a strong business intelligence. A knowledge about factors like your customers, competitors, business partners, economic environment and internal operations for instance, help you take effective business decisions.

​N&D helps you source a wide range of business intelligence studies to facilitate your business decisions. Their range of tools and technologies for gathering and analyzing data give you quick and effective results.